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Projeto Oficinas de Futebol

The sport is very important since it exalts practices such as cooperation, communication, respect for rules, conflicts resolution, connection with other peolpe, leadership, respect each other, value of effort, self-esteem, responsibility, honesty, teamwork, discipline and confidence. Additionally, the sport is connected to aspects related to education, crime reduction, health promotion, employability and personal development. Inspired by the Brazil World Cup, the charity Institute Nair Valadares, with the help of GCCM (Wife´s Head of Mission Membry Group), will develop, during the next 12 months, sport workshops with kids and teen of the “Conviver Brincando e Educando” Project (Live together Playing and Educating Project). In the first experience of this project we elaborated both male and female soccer match, which resulted in a beatiful and satisfying contest, where we descovered true champions in sports and in life!

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